Bernardo Kastrup on pandeism

“Pandeism is a school of thought that holds that the universe is identical to God, but also that God was initially an omni-conscious and omni-sentient force or entity. However, upon creating the universe, God became unconscious and non-sentient by the very act of becoming the universe itself.”

I personally would modify the above defintion. It is correct that at the time of creation God ceased to be a unitary omniscient being, but his consciousness persisted in a finite and separate form in all the creatures of the universe.

Kastrup goes on to state: “The idea of a final cosmic re-assembly of God into an omni-conscious, sentient being is somewhat analogous to Kurzweil’s post-singularity vision that technology evolution will inexorably lead to a future where intelligence will permeate all matter in the universe.”

I would modify this statement as well. I do not think technology on its own could achieve such a result. There has to be development of human consciousness and understanding.