Tapping the energy of God

This is from an unnamed poster, commenting on the ideas of Paola Zizzi:

“Because “Pandeists believe all consciousness, in all life, to be fragments of God’s awareness” Such a God may not consciously interact with the material universe, but might still exerts a latent influence over the development of the physical universe, and the evolution of things within it. Because man is part of the material universe, and therefore composed of remnants of God, it could then be possible for God’s energy to be tapped by an individual.

As with man’s ability to release the power of the atom in an atomic bomb or nuclear reactor, every human mind could conceivably access and release some portion of the power or the knowledge of God, perhaps by simply realizing their connection with the universe through meditation. If this is valid, religious figures such as Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha, and others may have been able to perform those miracles attributed to them by tapping into this infinite source of energy.”

Consciousness & Pandeism