Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) may be a pandeist

Father Paul Kramer has written the following:

“Bergoglio is an infidel. He is a pandeist who does not believe in the transcendent God and Creator of Catholicism, but in the immanent ‘divine principle’ of Paganism, the life giving world soul (anima mundi) within the universe. His creed is remarkably like a synthesis of the belief systems of Lord Shaftsbury, Friedrich Schleiermacher, Benedict Spinoza, Auguste Compte, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. He says atheists can be saved (no need for faith in God), he says the souls of the damned do not suffer eternal punishment. The damned souls, according to Bergoglio, will be annihilated. His doctrine on marriage is entirely circumscribed by Naturalism, denying the supernatural sacramentality of Holy Matrimony.”

(Please note that it is Father Cramer who is calling Pope Francis an “infidel”. I personally think that is an unwarranted insult)


“His (Pope Francis’s) religion is the Enlightenment “religion” of revelation experienced in one’s heart — of an immanent Deity which reveals itself in natural human experience — the “Mother Earth” he professed on 2 June 2016, as the one who “gave us life and protects us”. Thus, the absolute primacy of one’s own conscience rather than the Commandments of God. Bergoglio’s religion is a pandeistic form of Gnosticism, expressed in terms of the perfidious “liberal theology” which had sprung forth from the faithless Enlightenment in the doctrine of Friedrich Schleiermacher, and his moral doctrine likewise is the vague Enlightenment belief in the “Moral Sense”, as professed by the infidel Lord Shaftsbury.”