Pandeism is the only theology compatible with modern science

Pandeism is the only theology compatible with modern science. It is the theory that the Universe began when the Divine Being then existing created the Universe from its own Self, and thus ceased to exist as an integrated conscious entity. The consciousness of the original Divine Being disintegrated at the moment of creation and subsequently exists as innumerable conscious fragments. The process of creation may be conceived of dramatically as the explosion of the Divine Being at the time of the Big Bang thirteen to twenty billion years ago.

According to the theory of pandeism, the consciousness of the original Divine Being gave rise to the laws of physics which governed the subsequent development of the Universe. The idea is that there is no conscious personal God supervising the Universe and its inhabitants, but there is a kind of inbuilt computer program which has guided its evolution. There is considerable scientific evidence to indicate that the Universe was “fine-tuned” to eventually produce the conditions necessary for the evolution of life. The sceptical scientist Stephen Hawking wrote: “The laws of science, as we know them at present, contain many fundamental numbers, like the size of the electric charge of the electron and the ratio of the masses of the proton and the electron. … The remarkable fact is that the values of these numbers seem to have been very finely adjusted to make possible the development of life.”

Dogmatic atheism is unable to produce a satisfactory explanation for the evolution of life and the presence of conscious beings in the Universe. Conventional monotheism, on the other hand, has failed to show evidence for the existence of a conscious personal God, and is not able to explain how such a God would have created a world in which there is so much suffering and evil. Attempts to cast the blame on a hypothetical progenitor named Adam are no longer credible. Pandeism is the most plausible explanation we have for the evolution of conscious beings in this Universe.

Pandeism does not postulate the existence of a personal God who communicates with selected individuals in the dead of night, and it does not rely on a collection of forged documents which claim to reveal the ultimate truth. The ideas of pandeism must be derived from our own experiences and observations.

Pantheism to pandeism diagram

The above diagram illustrates how pantheism evolved into modern pandeism, directly resulting from scientific discoveries in the twentieth century. This is Bertrand Russell’s account of Spinoza’s philosophy in his History of Western Philosophy:

“The metaphysical system of Spinoza is of the type inaugurated by Parmenides. There is only one substance, ‘God or Nature’; nothing finite is self-subsistent….. Individual souls and separate pieces of matter are, for Spinoza, adjectival; they are not things, but merely aspects of the divine Being. There can be no such personal immortality as Christians believe in, but only that impersonal sort that consists in becoming more and more one with God… There can be only one Being who is wholly positive, and He must be absolutely infinite. Hence Spinoza is led to a complete and undiluted pantheism.”

One can only speculate how the discovery of the Big Bang and the fine-tuning of cosmological constants might have fired Spinoza’s imagination.

This is Poffo Ortiz giving us a modern view of pandeism:

“….. we are ‘collectively’ the manifestation of God, together with all the plants and animals and every other thing in existence that makes up the observable Universe. But ‘God’ is not awake and perceptive on a cognitive, intellectual level…except when He/She/It is ‘awakened’ through sentient beings like us. Right now, the physical laws of the Universe are acting as a kind of ‘latent’ programming or unconscious memory of God, allowing all things to be, and acting as the driving force behind gravity, electromagnetism, entropy, self-organization, awareness, consciousness and evolution in all biological life forms. As the Deists rightly contend, God cannot ‘intervene’ to help us and there will not be true peace on Earth until human beings collectively unite to form a colossal, symbiotic relationship with one another and become the singularity that once existed before the Big Bang. All the details about ego, ascension, elevating our minds and consciousness and finding balance and peace, are part of the process of becoming ‘whole’ again. We are all God, but we are the differentiated, dispersed, individualized units or pockets of energy that make up the ‘potential’ form of God. The mind and intellect of God does not exist as a conscious, moral agent with discretion and discernment, until we collectively develop our sense of logic and reason and establish a firm grasp of right and wrong on a global and perhaps even universal scale.” (from “Pandeism: An Anthology” by Knujon Mapson, Poffo Ortiz and others)