Fallacies of pandeism

“It (Pandeism) espouses an ontology that is strictly based on logic, reason and the laws of cause and effect, as evidenced through observable science, biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, microbiology, psychology, anthropology, etc., and includes a speculative, ‘Pandeistic’ explanation for the origins of the Universe and our ultimate future destiny, that also involves the energetic pattern of the Torus as the fundamental model for the Universe and the ubiquitous blueprint for the actions and processes of all living and non-living things. It also sympathizes with Animism, Native American spirituality and culture, modern Wiccan religion and a great deal of Pagan and Neo-Pagan symbolism and aesthetics as well, embracing personification, allegory and metaphor, as a poetic way of relating to Nature…and includes any number of rustic, Earth-based rituals, observances and celebrations one may wish to use and incorporate, in order to bring us closer to the forces and powers existent all around us in the natural world. Evolution and human progress are key factors in this philosophy, along with the unification and cohesion of our species as a collective whole, through altruism, benevolence, mutual respect and love. Promoting morally conscious, upright living and a higher quality of thinking is our goal, with a particular importance placed on education, inspiration, self-progression, holistic health and a sober, astute attitude of balance and moderation in all things, fostered through regular and consistent interaction and communion with Nature.” (from “Pandeism: An Anthology” by Knujon Mapson, Michael Arnheim, William Walker Atkinson, Robert G. Brown, Dan Dana, Alan Dawe, Orlando Alcántara Fernández, Richard Francks, Ismaili Gnosis, Zoltan Istvan, Bernardo Kastrup, William C. Lane, Raphael Lataster, Poffo Ortiz, Anthony Peake, Amy Perry, Sushma Sahajpal)

Quote from the Kindle edition: http://amzn.eu/fJLg4lL

This quote from Poffo Ortiz’s article sounds good, but I fear it may be wishful thinking. Poffo Ortiz does not appear to recognize the ruthlessness of the evolutionary process. He seems to believe that he and his colleagues may be able to change the kind of human being who has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. Natural selection will decide whether the type of conscious being who has evolved on Planet Earth fits in with the purposes of the Divine Being who originated the Universe.